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Welcome to the Experience the Self course Discover. Unfold. Experience. The Self.

We invite you to visit Fairfield, Iowa and MUM for an 8-day event


Experience the Self pricing
(housing additional)

  • 8 day course
    June 25 – July 2 | $1,985
  • 8 day Full time Student
    June 25 – July 2 | $860

We welcome you to the Experience the Self course. To reserve, please use the Application Form below. Course dates are listed to the left. Pay online using the menu below.

Still have questions? Want to make a reservation by phone? Call us at 641-472-1250. Or contact us by Email We will be happy to help.

For the Experience the Self course:
Please check two classes from the list that you’d like to attend.
Remember, you can always change your mind later.
Maharishi Yoga℠ Asanas Course
Maharishi Yoga Asanas and Sun Salutations (Beginning level)
Maharishi Self-Pulse℠ Course
Vedic Literature
Sustainable Living
Payment choices for 8 day course *
On Campus: $2,465
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On Campus: $1,180
Course only, no housing: $860
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