Gem Light Therapy $120 for Regular, $250 for Big
(1st session= 1hr, 2nd= 45min /includes resting time)
Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems amplifies the particular qualities of 13 different gemstones using special light beamers. The special light radiating through the gemstones amplifies the effect of the gem so that one can benefit from the different nourishing qualities of the gems. The light also serves as a vehicle to bring the highly orderly frequencies of the respective gems to the corresponding cells and organs of the physiology, especially those parts of the body that need to be supported. Individuals report a wide variety of benefits including greater energy, greater strength of self-healing in the body, relief from chronic conditions, improved perception, deep relaxation, among others. Our Big beamers utilize 12 times the number of gemstones for a more amplified effect. more

Aroma Therapy $70
Experience the skilled application of nature's most precious gifts: pure, organic and wild harvested Vedaroma essential oils; concentrated plant life and sunlight energy—individually selected to suit your physiology. Essential oils uplift us, calm and relax us, motivate and inspire us, and harmonize and balance our emotions. They trigger the body's own self-healing mechanisms, generating bliss and wholeness in the body, mind, and soul.

Abhyanga $170 (1 hr including resting time)
A comprehensive soothing oil massage by a synchronized team of two technicians, to promote the penetration of oil deep into the tissues to loosen and separate impurities from the cell structure.

Shirodhara $125 (30 mins including resting time)
A soothing continuous flow of oil poured slowly and gently across the forehead to settle and balance the nervous system. The effect is delightful and many guests experience profound relaxation during the treatment.

Antistress Massage $170 (1 hr including resting time)
For those constantly in front of a computer or on a cell phone who may be feeling negative effects from exposure to external electromagnetic fields. The Raj is happy to offer an ayurvedic remedy. Relax and enjoy as a team of two specially trained technicians administer the first massage therapy developed specifically to remove electromagnetic stress. When exposed to strong electromagnetic fields, the body's natural electromagnetic balance can become overwhelmed and compromised. This unique energy balancing treatment helps restore the natural electromagnetic balance of the body, returning the physiology to its normal functioning. This treatment is recommended for three consecutive days.

Facial (for ladies) $140 (1 1/2 hrs including resting time)
Sun, environmental toxins, fatigue, and stress take a toll on the delicate tissues of the face. This individualized facial treatment uses all natural ingredients to nurture the different layers of the skin while removing damaging imbalances and impurities. As a first step, special cleansing herbs and botanicals lubricate and nourish the skin in preparation for additional treatments. Then your technician will administer soothing eye treatments, lipid supporting creams and oils, gently exfoliating herbs, steam therapy milk foam, and herbalized mud to create a truly royal Ayurvedically balanced rejuvenation treatment. Ingredients include powerful antioxidants that stimulate collagen synthesis.

Maharishi Ayurveda Wellness Session $149 ($200 w/Indian Vaidya) 30 min
Sessions include a meeting with an experienced Maharishi Ayurveda health coach. This session is an excellent individualized introduction to the principles of Ayurvedic self-health care.
M.A. Wellness Sessions include the following:

  1. Ayurvedic pulse assessment with report of findings of balance and imbalance in the body.
  2. Dietary recommendations matched to body type.
  3. Lifestyle recommendations matched to body type.

Note: M.A. Wellness Sessions are NOT medical in nature and are not for diagnosing or treating disease.