Maharishi Yoga asanas

Whether you are a beginner or expert, this Maharishi Yoga asana course provides an authentic and profound understanding and practice of yoga asana. Here’s a new approach not previously taught in any other course and an entirely fresh way to approach your practice. Maharishi has revived the essential understanding that Yoga means the experience of pure consciousness, the unified, transcendental field of consciousness deep within — and that Yoga, one of the 40 aspects of the Vedic Literature, provides the technologies to enable one to dive within and enjoy that experience. more

The traditional physical postures of Yoga asanas enliven the connection between mind and body, consciousness and physiology. This unique practical course includes regular practice of Maharishi Yoga asanas as well as the understanding of their specific effects on the mind and body. Discover how these ancient Vedic poses, done correctly and without effort, help to dissolve stress and enliven mind-body coordination to support inner silence and expansion of consciousness.

Maharishi Self-Pulse Reading for Good Health

Begin to detect balance and imbalance in the body by feeling the pulse with your own three fingertips. Self-pulse reading is the most ancient and natural means of determining the level of balance or imbalance in the mind and body — and therapeutic in itself. This course presents Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s revival of this ancient technology to determine the state of the inner intelligence of the body. more

Everyone should learn pulse diagnosis to maintain their own health. Pulse diagnosis allows you to detect imbalances early, before they manifest as disease, and how to restore balance. Furthermore, pulse is therapeutic in itself.

Just taking the pulse increases physiological balance. Taking your pulse enlivens the connection between mind and body, consciousness and matter.